Pillars of the Kingdom
Volume One:  "The Forming"
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Physics Incarnate

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Pillars of the Kingdom
Volume Two
The Cassandra Cycle,
And Other Short Tales of Emor
The first, adreneline-pumping novel of the Pillars of the Kingdom trilogy!  The Kingdom of Emor is in dire straights.  Monsters plague its borders, revolutionaries plot its downfall, a sinister cult threatens its demise and, to top it all off, a foreign civilization with an ancient grudge - all are hoping to land the killing blow on it!  An unlikely band of heroes must join together to fight these threats.

Introduce yourself to Branden Frost, Clarice Saffron, Jacin Lancir and the other Pillars of the Kingdom today!
In the exciting second installment of the Pillars of the Kingdom trilogy, the titular heroes are asked to investigate a sudden loss of communication with one of Kingdom of Emor's frontier bases, and its feared that the revolutionary "Four Lords" have struck again; that, or one of Emor's myriad other enemies have, instead!  What will they discover when they get there?

It isn't as if Branden Frost doesn't know something more than he's let on; yet even he will be shocked at what he learns about his fellow heroes.  Can they overcome this loss of trust in one another, or will the Kingdom of Emor's greatest hope be crushed?
Cassandra Retholden was one of the greatest Arcane minds of Emor's history; but she was not always a legend.  Once, she was just a strange young girl in a small, insular Presian town, a girl whose mystical gifts forced her into a tragic confrontation.  Find out how she became a hero; and enjoy other select tales from the Kingdom of Emor!
Emmett Eisenberg is a professor of physics, working out of upstate New York's Catskill Community College, and he certainly has it well!  He got the job by being a renowned expert in trans-uranic elements, a skill he honed a decade ago at a research facility called Connor Point.  He has a girlfriend, Maria, who is the second-highest ranking member of the psychology department.  His students appreciate him, a valuable thing in an educator of young minds.  When a former colleague of his, Jethro, calls him up to meet in New York City, Emmett and Maria make the journey south for an interesting night out.

While it all starts swimmingly, a certain question brings Emmett and Jethro back to the events of ten years ago.  The physicist puts this to the side and agrees to meet up with Jethro and more of his former co-workers the following weekend, figuring that they would not share Jethro's curiosity.  Once the history of Connor Point is poked at, however, it can't be put back to bed.  A chain of events will lead to Emmett reliving his experiences at the doomed facility; and, as his true nature is exposed, his connections with Maria and the rest of the life he's built will be changed, forever.
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