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Pillars of the Kingdom Volume One:  "The Forming."
The Kingdom of Emor has enjoyed thirty years of relative peace after a long, trying war. Now the clouds of violence again hover over the horizon and a cadre of adventurers with different goals and outlooks must take to defending their ideals - They just have to find them, first!

Clarice Saffron is an expert warrioress from the Principality of Coaslund, a large state within the Kingdom of Emor.  Called "Blind Justice" because of her ability to fight better with hearing than sight, she is far from an ordinary soldier; she is pursued by the talented and handsome Alan Booker to little avail, preferring instead the scientist and fellow female Katherine London.  After partaking in a mock-battle with a fellow principality, Gatamene, Clarice is drafted by the throne to investigate a sudden increase in monster activity outside of Emor's borders.  As they leave behind valuable Crystal, a mystical fuel which modern technology depends on, monsters are generally dealt with by rigid and effective protocols.  This activity is making life difficult for Emor's economy - not to mention the fact that monsters are quite dangerous to those unprepared to face them.  Allying with many of those she'd just sparred with in Gatamene, she and her fellow adventurers quickly discover that there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

Emor is suddenly beseiged by mysterious cultists, ancient evils, and revolutionaries who threaten the stability and peace of the kingdom.  It falls to Clarice and her fellows, such as the world-renowned Branden Frost, the old veteran Serge Lenkmen, and the rapidly-rising-in-rank Jacin Lancir, to track down the source of all of these problems.  When push comes to shove, however, Clarice must test her bonds of love; after all, she only has all of Emor's future riding on her shoulders!
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