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Blogs and Magazines
Here you can find many of the articles and projects Jesse Pohlman has worked on!  There's always something new to check out, so look around and enjoy your reading!

The Weekly Freeporter
One of Jesse's earliest and most beloved projects, The Weekly Freeporter is a blog about his home-town, Freeport, and the events and history surrounding it.

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Individual Articles:  Written for different websites or magazines.
Article on life with Asthma, published by You And Me Magazine.
Ramble About Writing
Have you ever wanted to get a writer's view on writing?  Ever been inquisitive about how an author feels about their craft?  From other writers seeking second opinions to avid readers curious what their world-building counterparts are thinking, there's always something to glean!  This is where Jesse throws out his ideas, suggestions, complaints and theories.

This is the Ramble About Writing.
Liberty Free Media
The world around us is full of difficult questions.  Who should be President of the United States?  What role should capital punishment play in the justice system?  How can some people get away with certain crimes?  Liberty Free Media serves to do more than just look into politics - it looks into the modern condition, itself.

Examine it for yourself, today!
Jesse's page - With over thirty articles to read on at least eight different topics, there's something here for everyone!
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