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The Cassandra Cycle, and other Short Tales of Emor
Cassandra, a young girl in the town of Rethold, lives in the Principality of Presia.  Her life is one dedicated to the study of her region's religious philosophies, but as she grows in knowledge her thirst to continue gaining it becomes problematic.  Thanks to her questioning, she is convicted of heresy by the local clergy.

Her crimes magnify as she is proven to be gifted with mystical powers; instead of just a simple, martial punishment, she is now sentenced to death.  Emorian historians are quite aware of this story because the fates conspired to prevent her from dying.  Her destiny lie, instead, in becoming one of Emor's most gifted magical assets.  The Cassandra Cycle chronicles her rise from a victim of persecution to a hero.

Afterwards, readers will experience a deep dive into the world of Emor as five additional short stories place them in the shoes of heroes, villains, and ordinary people just trying to get through a day of work. The long-anticipated anthology from Jesse Pohlman is here, reigniting the flames of Emor with a bang!
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