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Pillars of the Kingdom Volume Two:  "The Search for the Four."
Branden Frost has seen a lot of things in his short, almost-thirty years of life.  He's the fastest warrior in the Kingdom of Emor, an elite soldier whose step-father Serge serves as a member of the Knight's Council, and a sometimes-model when he is properly motivated.  He is a hero to the masses and a valiant hero who is said to have never killed a human being, and the public's sympathy for the tragic death of his parents at the hands of unknown mercenaries has ensured his future will be as bright as his past.

Unfortunately, he has some dark skeletons in his closet.  While he fights to save Emor from a deranged cult and he repels a foreign civilization with an ancient grudge against Emor, he is intimiately tied to a group of revolutionaries who are trying to reshape the kingdom in the name of social justice.  His view of what constitutes a "person" is slipping as he justifies violent actions to himself.  Worst of all, his allies in his task force, called the "Pillars of the Kingdom," are growing suspicious of him and drawing ever closer to discovering his treason.  How will he reconcile the fact that he only intended to help people when even the best of them simply pave the road to hell?  Will he descend into the same evil he has struggled against, or will the young hero manage to find an end to his inner turmoil?  Finally, is he the only one of his number hiding secrets?

Check back in on Branden and the other heroes of Emor, Jacin Lancir and Clarice Saffron, and join them on the most daring adventure of their lives!
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