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Jesse Pohlman is a twenty-seven year old from Freeport, New York with an undeniable passion for writing.  He's written a blog about his hometown, been featured in music and medical magazines, as well as other venues.  He's also authored and self-published a number of science fiction/fantasy novels.

When not laboring behind a computer screen, he is also an assistant teacher as well as a swimming instructor.  Finally, let it never be forgotten that he is, at heart, a ski bum!
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If you enjoy writing of any sort - be it an escape from reality into a world of magic and daring, or a down to (this) Earth examination of the modern condition - you're in the right place!

Here, you'll find preview samples about some great novels, links to factual information, and even suggestions regarding other artists that might suit your tastes.  Take care and enjoy your stay!

11/16/2011:  Hello, world!  This is more of a test-post, to see if this whole set-up works!  If it does, well, I'll be bringing more news and some site updates on a regular basis.  Until then, like the box on the left says; look around!
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